About us

Having served all over the world for over 20 years as a Royal Marines Commando, including a period organising adventurous training for the Royal Navy, Jim decided to put all these skills into his own business and formed Mountain and Glen in 2005.


Since our inception, we’ve always been about providing challenging experiences in the safest way possible.  We pride ourselves on our safety record; many of our instructors come from a Mountain Rescue or military background, so anyone who signs up for one of our events does so in the knowledge that they’re in safe hands!


We believe we offer an unsurpassed level of support, both before and during your event.  You’ll have a qualified instructor as a point of contact so any questions or concerns you have can be given an expert answer.  In addition, Jim will personally oversee every single event we provide from start to finish to make sure that you have the best experience possible.


As a result we have an excellent record in helping people achieve their aims, whether that’s getting to the finish in record time, or just getting to the finish!